How to kick someone in the conference

like this:

  1. i can use dialplan_exec(kickcaller,2,1)
    exten => 2,1,Read(DEST,dial,i) ;the ${DEST} is i want to kick

    but, if i Hangup(SIP/${DEST}),this conference will be terminate.
    so, i have no idea, someone please, thanks.

now i already get one way,CLI command like this:
ubuntu*CLI> confbridge kick 1 SIP/6103-00000ea4
but i don’t want this.

And what is that you want ?

you know the “sample_admin_menu”, one of them :“admin_kick_last”. i want like that,the admin user select an option and Participant,then kick this Participant.
in #1,i got a peer,and i don’t know how to kick.maybe like this :

exten =>2,1,Read(DEST,dial,i)
exten =>2,n,???(kick,conference-id?,channel-id?)

I’m looking forward to your reply.

You will need a way to track channels on the conference and associate each one with an unique DTMF digit, then use confbridge kick command and dialplan_exec(context,exten,priority) action