Unable to Display Name of Called Party During Call


I would like the name of the called party to display even before a call is picked. When i use CONNECTEDLINE, the name of the called party only displays when call is answered. I would want to see the the name and number even before the call is answered.

Thanks in advance.

Before the call is answered, you can only use your own CallerId database and set name and number accordingly. You cannot know the connected line in general when you call yourself. You cannot know which phone answers (dialgroup, queue, …).

I am new to asterisk but i managed to set it up correctly and i am able to make both internal and external calls using Alcatel PBX as my PSTN gateway.
However i have a challenge in presenting to screen of the called party a full number showing specifically the full number originating the call.
For example i have an extension 15201 on asterisk. When i make a PSTN call i want the called party to see +256417715201 on their screen. However the called party sees +256417715100 which is a general line. From outside i am able to call +256417715201 directly.
For the extensions on Alcatel PBX there is a field (CLIP/COLP) where you set the extensions and the called party would see the specific originator of the call. I would like to achieve the same in Asterisk.
Thanks in advance.

What is your current configuration? There are all sorts of things that could prevent the intended number being presented, including service providers policies.

By default, Asterisk will pass the the received caller ID through, but there are are various places where this could be overridden.

Also, on Asterisk, extensions are only ever destinations. Devices are the entities that have caller IDs.

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