Display Specific Origin of the PSTN Call

I am new to asterisk but i managed to set it up correctly and i am able to make both internal and external calls using Alcatel PBX as my PSTN gateway.
However i have a challenge in presenting to screen of the called party a full number showing specifically the full number originating the call.
For example i have an extension 15201 on asterisk. When i make a PSTN call i want the called party to see +256417715201 on their screen. However the called party sees +256417715100 which is a general line. From outside i am able to call +256417715201 directly.
For the extensions on Alcatel PBX there is a field (CLIP/COLP) where you set the extensions and the called party would see the specific originator of the call. I would like to achieve the same in Asterisk.
Thanks in advance.

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