Show Caller id for caller of called


100 - Alex
101 - Nick

100 calls 101
101 sees that Alex calls.

How can I do that 100 sees that he calls Nick?

Set the callerid(name) of Nicks extension…


You want to see the name of the person you called…mmmm.
Think that is phone related…

You need to enable connected line presentation if supported by your channel technology driver and the phones. Please identify both.

Your subject doesn’t make sense as it is asking to display your own caller ID!

Hello. I use ciso SPA 5XX and chan_sip.

Try setting


in the peer entry for the phone on which you want to see the updated caller ID., and


on the phone from which you want to get the update.

That probably means setting both of them on all the phones.

I will try, thank you.

So. My solution. Default settings on phones and I set name of callee to caller using CONNECTEDLINE() function