Unable to compile CVS-Head

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been happily compiling asterisk for over a year now - but about a month ago I tried to download CVS head and compile it using the same steps as I’d normally use:

Libpri (make clean; make install)
Zaptel (make linux26; make install)
Asterisk (make clean; make install)

However, when I compile Asterisk the compilation gets stuck in a loop, constantly showing the same output (see http://pastebin.ca/21320).

I’ve searched the web for the past month for a solution for this, and asked on IRC on several occasions. However, I haven’t found a solution.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could provide some suggestions.



Machine Details: Fedora Core 3, gcc-3.4.4-2.fc3, binutils-, bison-1.875c-2.

It could be worth updating your sources from the CVS repository. It’s possible that this is caused by an error in the sources that was fixed soon after.

Hi WillKemp,

Thank you for your suggestion, but I’ve tried that. I’ve been checking out cvs-head every week or so, and each time the same problem occurs.


Hey Everyone,

It seems this was caused by my kernel. Compiling and installing a vanilla kernel and then re-compiling asterisk seems to have solved the problem.

I hope posting this here will help someone in the future.