UK BT ISDN 2e - many numbers on one line

Hello i have some problem and i dont know where is the fault
i have asterisk (trixbox) with sangoma a500 bri card
its working perfect , but
i have now one line and 4 numbers on it (01744223344,01755225544,01766226644,01777227744)
when someone is calling to first number i have incoming call on local number 01744223344
and to this part its working ok sangoma tell mi that connection is commit to local number 223344
but when someone is calling to any other number ( 3 others) then it always showing me only this first number (local number was first one then i order 3 more from BT )
and my question
to see other local number on incoming call i need to setup something on asterisk or this is only BT “fault” and they dont send me the right local number
thanks in advance


Best to try the vendor or your telephony card.