Asterisk over a UK BT/VirginMedia PSTN phone line

Hi all,

My name is Joseph. I am from London UK and this is my 1st post on here.
I am pretty new to this stuff so please excuse my lack of knowledge…

I have recently set up an Asterisk/Trixbox and use a X100p FXO card to break out over a 2 wire PSTN line provided by Virgin Media (was NTL/Cable London)

I have 2x Cisco 7940 IP phones registered to the server and can make calls between both phones.
one has ext number 1300 and the other has 1301.

I have an outbound route of “0_9 for outside” and an inbound route so when a call comes in only 1301 rings.
If I get my mobile telephone and dial the number of the PSTN line the phone will ring and I can pick the phone up and evetyhign works as it should (there is 2 way voice and when I hang up the call is cleared down) however,
If i call from the cisco phone…so 9 for outside and then dial my number of my mobile telephone then it will ring as normaly but as soon as I answer the phone my Cisco 7940 hangs up. I thought maybe this was something to do with the mobile phone so I called a friends land line and the same happened…

I’ve used SSH to connect to asterisk and have use the command Asterisk -r to see whats going on and it says something about hang up (can’t remember as it was about 2 days ago I played about with it)

does anyone know if these is anything else I need to set up for this to work correctly?

Thanks for now.

Could you please let me know the step by step setup process to connect Asterisk to BT pstn. I am trying to use the same devices that you used.

Trixbox using X100p FXO card to BT PSTN.

Please write down details steps.

Help appreciated.

Many thanks.

Welcome to the Asterisk community my friend. The fist thing you have to know is that you started in a wrong way using a dead product in this case Trixbox. There are many Third party Asterisk project if you are looking for an easy way to use Asterisk. (PIAF, Freepbx Distro, Elastix etc).

I have a feeling that the X100P hasn’t been supported for some time.

In any case, if you need step by step instruction, you should normally expect to pay for it, in which case you should be asking on the jobs forum.