Asterisk in UK


I own a small business, and would love to use asterisk as my PBX.

Currently I am using a couple of BT telephone lines and normal BT phones, I want to expand my telephone system to allow calling between staff and having an IVR with call queues.

I have done some reading around and played a little with asterisk using soft-phones with a VOIP provider. However I want to use BT ISDN lines, and have no way of playing around with them to get them to work as I wanted.

I have had a quick google, but cannot find any good guides/advise about setting up asterisk in the UK to work with ISDN lines.

I was wondering if anyone has any advise that they could give to ensure that I can set up my PBX without too many hic-ups!

Ideally my setup will be as follows:
2xISDN lines (4 channels) supplied by BT (and room to expand to more channels if needed)
A range of telephone numbers purchased from BT
6x Internal telephones (I haven’t decided on a brand)

I have a good understanding of how to set up the features of the handsets and internal dialplan within asterisk; however I have no idea how to set up BT isdn lines or the hardware.

I was thinking of purchasing something like OpenVox B400E ISDN BRI PCI-Express, or OpenVox B400P 4-port ISDN BRI PCI to connect the PBX to the BT ISDN lines.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated

best wishes


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Well, if you choose OpenVox hardware, the best place to ask advise is on their forum.
Their manuals are pretty good.

In short, yes it is possible to have 2 isdn lines comming in.

The hicups will depend on your knowledge.