UK BT Caller ID

Ok, I know that this question has been posted in many guises, but is there a definative guide to getting an AX100P (NOT GENERIC X100P) to supply caller id in the UK.

I have tried the various fixes/changes to zapata.conf, without luck.

My current config is:

Zapata telephony interface
; Configuration file



context=from-pstn -----i have tried from-zaptel, without luck
channel=>1 ; AX-100P

rxwink=300 ; Atlas seems to use long (250ms) winks
; Whether or not to do distinctive ring detection on FXO lines


cidsignalling=v23 ; Added for UK CLI detection
cidstart=polarity ; Added for UK CLI detection
callerid=asreceived ; propagate the CID received from BT



;Include genzaptelconf configs
#include zapata-auto.conf


;Include AMP configs
#include zapata_additional.conf

I am using asterisk/zaptel 1.4.5.

An answer to this would make a lot of people in the UK very happy!

Asterisk has NEVERsupported UK CallerID on any X100P cards out of the box.

There is a patch that has been updated to 1.4.2

This patch works well I have in the past used it very successfully some years ago.



thanks. I understood that the latest (1.2) zaptel did have some form of support, but obviously not!!!

Thanks for the pointer.



I believe trixbox may have prepatched the binarys for Trix and this does lead to confusions.


Okay, so in zaptel version 1.2 you cannot use…

cidsignalling=v23 ; Added for UK CLI detection cidstart=polarity ; Added for UK CLI detection

EDIT: This is wrong! It is in 1.2.22

This wasn’t added until 1.4. WRONG!

Oh and my Trixbox install using 2.2.3 says that i am running zaptel 1.2.19 and this is pretty much a fresh install.



that’s an interesting comment.

The v23/polarity addition has been around for some time now, long before 1.4

Are you saying that everything should work fine on 1.4?


Nope, i posted on your uk group forum btw.

I am having problems with Caller ID + TrixBox 2.2.3 + Rhino R8FXX-EC
(8 FXO)

I am running 1.2.19 version of zaptel and have the same settings in my zapata.conf file. Caller ID is enabled on my line, but it just isn’t working.

Have you got any ideas about what i can do?

I have been through Rhino’s tech support but they seem to think it is an issue with my Asterisk setup.

I know callerid is enabled as i have record the tx on the line (using ztmonitor) and then converted it to wav then played it back. Just before the phone rings you can hear modem tones which is the caller id. The gain settings are okay, because we can receive faxes on the line fine. … xline5.wav

I am fresh out of ideas, and there is no way to debug where the caller id is calculated. Is this done via asterisk or via zaptel or via the actual fxo card?

Sorry, I mist the post!!!

The more TB moves on, I find the less it works on pstn in the UK!!! Or maybe it’s Asterisk/Zaptel.

I have had CID using an AX100P, but that was with tb 1.2.3.

As Ian suggested, you could try the patch!

Did you add in sendcalleridafter=2? You could change his, from 0-5 to see if that makes a difference.

Another thought is does the Rhino card work with UK systems (I am sure it does, but you never know). ALso, look at rxgain in zapata.conf. this could need adjusting! your setting of 12 does loo a bit high!!!

If you want to try asterisk/zaptel 1.4,\ look at elastix, which seems to be quite stable!


I installed zaptel 1.4 on my test pc and put the rhino card in and that didn’t work. :unamused:

I think i will have to look at the rx & tx gains. This is rather annoying as plugging a caller id phone in and that just works.


Should the callerid only be effected by the txgain setting as this is where gain on the signal coming from the BT line?


I have tried to install but i don’t know if it has done properly. Is there a way to find out what my zaptel version is that is loaded?

Is there a way i can check to see if the patch is loaded correctly? Zap and Asterisk start ok, and i did what it said to do (but using the 1.2 versions).


Well i finally got the patch working on a X100P card. n So i know that the caller id does work on our line with an asterisk box.

Now that i have had a play with the source code i think i might try debuging the reason why the polarity reversal isn’t working with the rhino card.

I think it is something to do with the chanel state not being correct (not being in PRERING) thus it doesn’t process the code for obtaining the caller id.

Oh and Polarity reversel is in version 1.2.22 as i have looked through the source and it is in there.

Well i though i would keep this up to date incase there are any other trixboxers out there with this… … my-trixbox

It looks like trixbox does try to patch asterisk with the usehist patches, but its a half arsed attempt.

Hopefully they will try and fix it up.

It has always been a struggle with asterisk (any flavour) and the UK pstn. Using zaptel 1.2 asterisk only picked up about half the CallerIDs (despite a £15 phone being 100% reliable). Zap 1.4 appears much better, but it does still miss the occaisional one.