UDP Packet Loss * 1.2.15-netsec

I have been trying hard to find the problem with my SIP connection to my provider. It used to work, but stopped. I’ve even tried a different supplier.

Today I figured out that it seems to be UDP packet loss on the server, I increased the UDP buffer to 8MB but I’m still having an issue, it’s obvious that there is some kind of backlog with the processing and forwarding of packets through * but i’m not sure what.

If anyone has any ideas I’d be very very greatful! I really am completly stuck on what to do, though I’m pleased that I’ve found the root cause of the problem to be that the UDP packets are piling up. Outgoing packets are fine and the other end can hear no problem, it’s just the incoming packets.

I s’pose one way of getting round it is to transfer the call directly to the ATA but this isn’t what I want as I loose all the functionality of * and the point of having it.

I’ve had this issue from 1.2.11 and have tried 1.2.13 and 1.2.15 to try and sort it. If you need any more information please do ask. Thanks.