Connection on Asterisk

I would like to ask some help on you guys out there. I having problems on receiving a call to one of our partners in bahrain. Our Connection is sip to sip. They’re sip server is connecting to our server thru internet.I was able to make a successful calls to their softphone in bahrain. We were able to make a 1 successful incoming(to my softphone in the philippines hosted my asterisk server). But this week, We can not receive any incoming calls coming thru their server. The weird thing is that when the Bahrain people tries to call, there are no logs that is being generated on my asterisk server. They told me that according to their ethereal, there is a 404 not found error. I just wondering about the internet connection. When I try to to do a “sip show peer” I always saw their server status is at (400ms to 1700 ms). I also get the “Peer is now to LAGGED(2509/2000)”.

HOw can we resolved the problem?Is there a problem on my asterisk server?

Please help cause We’re kinda stuck around here for 2 weeks. Thanks

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Here are the logs of the Asterisk

<-- SIP read from
SIP/2.0 404 Not Found
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK2a9d2fbc;rport
From: “asterisk” sip:asterisk@;tag=as6d445b60
To: sip:
Call-ID: 737d6ae04cece86f439514b57b95903f@
Content-Length: 0

I would like to ask if these 404 error has something to do with the internet connection?I’ve trying to issue a sip show peers and these is the result.
max N 5060 OK (242 ms)

I would like to also add that our partners server is using cisco and we are using asterisk. We are trying to acquire DID’s from them. And we have an existing DID supplier and It is working fine. I just follwed the old config for the Old DID supplier.

What am I missing here.