Hi all

Hi all,

Im new on Voip and on Asterisk. Just recently found this forum what is very nice.

I have 2 asterisk box’s conencted by IAX2 trunk:

Sipphones -->Asterisk1-Iax2-----><------Iax2-Asterisk2-Sip—>Nat—>Sipprovider -->PSTN

This is my currently setup. But Ive been experienced packet loss on the Asterisk2

  • Our Receiver:
    SSRC: 205637902
    Received packets: 5230
    Lost packets: 0
    Jitter: 0.0015
    Transit: 0.0004
    RR-count: 0
  • Our Sender:
    SSRC: 1479837501
    Sent packets: 4948
    Lost packets: 16777214
    Jitter: 0
    SR-count: 20
    RTT: 0.001000

sometimes are less like 3 or 4 , sometimes goes to 160. But it seems to not affect the voice conversation. however, I would like to get this way cause it scares me a bit.
Do you have any Ideas that may cause this?

many thanks