Where could Transmit Loss come from?

Hello everyone,

I took a look at pjsip show channelstats today and noticed 35 Lost Packets out of 16486 Packets under the Transmit Section of an active call. While this is still a low percentage I am wondering what this means and where the loss is occuring. Does it mean that asterisk didn’t send the packet in the first place, the kernel dropped it for some reason or did it get lost somewhere on the way to my provider or even on the way from my provider to its destination? What exactly is included in the “TX-Lost” and what isn’t? Would be great if someone could give me a real quick explanation on what (and how) this is counting.

Thanks in advance!

They got lost somewhere between your system and the part of the peer that constructs RTCP reports, but most likely in the network.

Asterisk is simply reporting information from the incoming RTCP from the peer.

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