can someone help me, or point me towards something useful that will give a good tutorial on how to install asterisk@home with ubuntu? thanks.

Hmmm… I’m not really sure, but I think AAH pretty much wipes your disk clean and installs its own (Centos?) OS.

FWIW, I run “naked asterisk” on Ubuntu (breezy). It runs fine. But I don’t have all the bells and whistles of AAH.

I think you can get fairly close to AAH by installing Asterisk, AMP, FOP, MySQL, Apache, etc. But if you’re shy of doing a lot of command line stuff, this probably isn’t the way to go.

well yeah, the idea of AAH was that i didn’t want to have to do much on the command line and i wanted that nice interface. i heard of a good tutorial on how to do it with redhat, but… :confused:

i didn’t think AAH was an OS by itself, i thought you had to have some kind of dist already on there.