is asterisk@home supposed to be a linux dist. by itself? i was looking at the site, and it said the ISO file wipes the PC harddrive. would it be possible to load Ubuntu, and then put on Asterisk@Home, or is asterisk@home a distribution of linux?


No, Asterisk@Home is a ‘softapplicance’ installing the OS and the application stack. You may install the application stack yourself on which ever OS you would like, as all of the components are opensource and ‘freely’ available.

To expand a bit on MuppetMaster’s answer, AAH provides both an ISO (which installs a slimmed-down version of CentOS, a Red Hat Enterprise clone, as well as the programs and configuration files which make up AAH), and a TAR file (which is guaranteed to install on RHEL3 compatible systems (like CentOS 3) but which with a little tweaking will probably also work on other Linux systems.)

So you do not have to completely start putting the system together from indiviual components if you don’t want to use the ISO, it’s all there in the TAR file.

But you may have to find one or the other component which is part of a RHEL installation but is missing from yours, and you may have to make a few symlinks to simulate the directory structure of a RHEL system.