Asterisk Installation in Ubuntu 9.04

Hi guys!!,
Im using Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition and i want to install asterisk…
any tutorials online available? or books to download??
Thanks in advance^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Installing Asterisk is documented in a lot of how-to guides around.

Start with this free book. Then when you’re ready to give it a go try this how-to. Ubuntu is based on Debian so you could try Googling for ‘asterisk install ubuntu’ or ‘asterisk install debian’. There are plenty of results there to get you going.

If you run into trouble you can ask here, but generally you should try to do at least a bit of research yourself.


i installed centos 5.1 and installed asterisk 1.4 on it. I documented the steps which i followed for installation. You can read that document on . As I have use tar balls so it must work on ubuntu as well. I have also uploaded the tar balls and has given links in the document.


i’m sure, you dont!
You want to take a good server-like hardware, good UPS-protected power, good conditioner.

after that, you can install ubuntu server edition (for example) and just exec ‘apt-get install asterisk’