Ubuntu meetme was working (and is again)

I’m writing this, not to ask a question , but rather to post an answer to
a problem with ubuntu and meetme conferencing in asterisk that occasionally comes up to bite me.
Hopefully in the future when I need this answer again I’ll find it hear.

So basically the meetme conferencing stops working occasionally after an Asterisk and Ubuntu kernel upgrade.
Of course as step (1) I curse and scream a bit, as I’ve been down this path before and just cannot always
remember the specifics of how I solved it.

So what I end up doing in the end is going into the package manager and reinstalling
both “dkms” [Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework] and dahdi-dkms [DAHDI telephony interface (dkms kernel driver)]

After this the /usr/sbin/dahdi_test command is able to start displaying test results again as opposed
to complaining about the missing driver.

This is probably the third time I’ve had this happen over the years and I’m sure the problem has driven others nuts as well,
but like most problems , the cure takes but a few moments (ONCE YOU FIND IT).

Hope this helps someone in the future too.