[solved] meetme dying on connect

When dialing into a conference, prompts “conf-getpin” and “conf-onlypersion” are nicely played but after that asterisk crashes (or hangs) with no output in either CLI or /var/log/asterisk/messages.

No meetme commands work, it can only be brought down forcefully.

asterisk -cvvvvv shows no errors on start either, I am really running out of ideas.

Anyone have a hint for me?

Thanks and cheers,

I should add: tried 1.2 and 1.4, same in both. Wonder what to try next, strace? Any clue would be greatly appreciated…

Found errors in /var/log/messages indicating timer issues, compiled a new kernel without ACPI and now conferences work like a charm!


P.S. How do you mark a thread as solved?