Two simultaneous mysql servers possible?

Hi Everyone! What I am trying to do is migrate our existing asterisk 1.4 server to another server with the latest version. This is all on trixbox (mandated by management, so I can’t switch), if that helps. The trick is I need to do this without losing any information, including config and CDR, during the switch. Doing the switch without losing a single call would be the ideal solution.

My plan was to get the other server up and running with the configuration done, point everything to the new server and then shut the old one off. I’m pretty sure I can handle all of that (though hints and tips would be most welcome!), but I have not been able to find any information on replicating the database without doing a mysqldump and reading it onto the new server. The issue I have with that is there will be no records of any calls from the time of the mysqldump and the new server going live. Does anyone have any information on setting up asterisk and/or trixbox to record to two database servers simultaneously?


Yes, you should setup the mysql replication master-slave, to start see: .


Marco Bruni


Are you trying to have a redundant system or just migrate the database to the new server ?

For redundancy you need to do mysql replication and some rsyncing of files for migrating just do a full backup on the old server and restore that to the new one

Both are fairly straight forward.