Two companies - 1 receptionist

How can we setup up Asterisk and/or our Polycom phones to allow her to know how to answer the phone?

Good morning this is the XXX company VS Good morning this is the YYY company.


PS Analog trunks

Option 1:
Assuming your polycom phone has 2 lines you could configure individual SIP registrations for each line. You could then send to either line 1 or line 2 depending on which line the inbound call originated on.

the receptionist could either know which line is which, or i believe on most polycom phones you can have a different ring for each line.

Option 2:
You could ring the receptionist and play a ‘whisper’ message specific to the call she is about to be connected with. After the whisper message you could bridge the two channels.

Or in addition to what g2010 suggested.

Option 3: Change the Callerid Name based on the number/channel dialed.

that is waaaaay too simple! :wink:

I have contracted with a company to setup the callerid to differentiate between the two sets of incoming lines. How many hours would you estimate this with would to setup including coding and testing etc?

How did you “contract” to a company to do something that you don’t know how to do, and How long it will take to achieve.

You are on you own with this one now…

To give you a clue its in minutes not hours.

Sorry for the confusion Ianplain.
I located a Asterisk consulting company, told them what I wanted to do and they gave me a price. It seems high so that’s why I’m looking for a 2nd opinion.


OK, basicly the last lines are the important bit then, this is minutes work so should be able to be done in less than a hour for anyone.