Two DID's 2 Companies


Our company has a sister company that needs to have the 2nd DID answered differently. When someone dials the number for company A they get one voice menu and when they dial the other they get the main voice menu. This part works fine. What I am looking to do is to send all calls from one DID normally and send the calls to the 2nd DID to Line 2 of our Polycom phones so the person answering will know this is a caller for company B. Also if possible have a unique ring for line 2. Would this be hard to do? Our phones are Polycom SP 320’s.

Thanks for your help.


Mike a lot simpler of a solution is to just change the CID. I do this for all my clients so they know what button was pressed. Like

Exten => s,1,Set(CALLERID(name) = L1 - ${CALLERID(name)})

The above line will add L1 - to the caller ID Name so you know it came in on “Line 1”.