Configuring SLAs -- Make Inbound Calls Ring Multiple Phones

Okay, help the old guy out here. I have followed the example in Asterisk version 3 and the example at this google search – I have two (2) phones set up on a simple system with a couple of analog lines. What I expected to see when I was finished was that line 1 would ring on both phones simultaneously when I called the number associated with that analog line. What I am seeing is what appears to be both line 1 and line 2 ringing on one phone but neither line ringing on the other phone. The phones are Polycom SoundPoint IP 331. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the concept behind the SLA example in the book and online. What I am trying to configure is an example of two (2) phones that show the incoming lines and that will both ring when a call comes in so that either person can answer the call or if one person is busy on line 1, the other person will hear the new call ringing on line 2 and answer that call on their phone. I will continue to review the samples in the book and search online but can’t help but think I’ve missed some assumed but not specifically documented step in the examples that I didn’t configure that makes this work. Thank You.

To ring multiple phones you need to add the phones into a queue in queue.conf (member => SIP/1234 for example), then make the extensions.conf/dial plan ring the queue, not the phones themselves…

same => n,Queue(sales,tk,,,150).

Hope that puts you on the right track :smile:
(im no Asterisk guru by the way, im totally unfamiliar with the method you linked to, but queues work and there fairly simple)

Try with using Dial application and &:


Thanks for your replies. Both of them sound like they will accomplish what I want and also give me some ideas for resolving some other user requests. Thanks for being patient with us old guys that are somewhat of a novice at this. Too bad the Polycom forum doesn’t follow suit.