Two analog lines coming in --- two Sipura 3000's?

I have two lines coming into my business. One for calls and one for fax. I want to use Asterfax with Asterisk, so basically I need to get my fax line into Asterisk as well as my voice line. Does that mean that I need each line going to a separate Sipura 3000, or will one Sipura 3000 handle two lines on a single RJ14?

I think its irrelevant, but I’ll also note that I’m not using VOIP on the internet, just on my network. We are still using the copper land lines to carry the voice and fax to the outside world.

Is it THAT uncommon to have Asterisk handling more than 1 line?

Maybe I was wording it confusingly, I want two lines coming into Asterisk. Can one Sipura 3000 handle that, or do I need one Sipura 3000 for every line I want handled by Asterisk?

After receiving my first spa3k, and subsequently ordering and receiving my second spa3k, I can answer my question: One SPA-3000 will handle 1 (and only 1) PSTN line. Therefore, as I have two lines that I want to get inside Asterisk, I had to have 2 Sipura 3000’s .