[RESOLVED] Can this replace expensive PCI cards?


I’m looking to build an affordable Asterisk system with 1 “real” phone line, and 2 regular phones. We will also use VOIP for outbound calls.

Can this thing (http://www.telephonyware.com/telephonyware/tw00222.html) replace expensive Digium cards? I’m a total newbie, but from what I understand, I can connect 1 phone line and 2 telephones to it.

Thanks for your help!


How are three 80 dollar sip atas cheaper than one tdm21b?

Why would I need 3?

According to the specs, it has:

Dual FXS port for connecting analog telephones and fax machines

Single FXO port for connection to analog trunk lines

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something?


Go with Sipura 3000 instead of Grandstream HT-488.

Even though it only has a single FXS port (for one telephone), there are success reports of using it as a PSTN gateway for Asterisk.

There are no such reports for the HT-488, and I have been singularly unsuccessful trying to get it to work.

I have been very successful with their FXS adapters, but I cannot get it
to work for FXO.

But if you can afford it, a Digium TDM21B for $240 would definitely be the best choice if you can run phone wire from your Asterisk box to where the phone needs to be.

Thanks for your reply!

I have a one little question… the SPA-3000 has 1 FXO and 1 FXS. Let’s say I decide to upgrade my system later and get a second SPA-3000, that will mean I can plug 2 phone lines and 2 telephones in the system, right?

My question is, will Phone 2 (2nd card) be able to talk over Line 1 (1st line)? Can the computer route conversations from one unit to another?

I assume so, but I couldn’t find that information…