1 FXS port 2 SIP lines

Are there any good SIP adapters which would allow one physical phone to be used for two SIP lines. I would like to use one phone at a remote location with a SIP connection to my asterisk server and another connection to an external SIP line.

I did try running both lines through my Asterisk server but by the time the connection had come to my server and then gone the 150 km to the adapter the SIP provider had taken it straight to voicemail (about 20 seconds).

Currently I have a dual FXS port PAP2 but with that you have to have two phones one for each SIP line.


AT this stage i dont think any ATA will come with such 2 account facilty on single line.
so i suggest use Asterisk Dail Paln trick using Out calling call dail with prefix & at the same time use 1 peer name with ur external line sip provider.
say when user dail with 9 that call go thru ur external sip provide line from asterisk to ur sip provider. & asterisk realted call dail without prefix. thats the trick i am suggesting you. think & Manupulate as per your need all this is dail Plan trick
allow Pap2 user dail with & with out prefix