Turn on the phone led

Anyone knows if exists a dialplan command to turn on the phone led?

Hi AFAIK no there isnt, all sets are different, I do it by xml with the aastra sets.


If it’s a SIP phone, google for "BLF, “hints” and “custom device state”.

I’ve this scenario:
i use * to perform a call center, so agents login in into the queue by pressing a button into the phone. I’ve realized a custom button to login and a custom button to logout.
So when the agent login into the queue, i want yo turn on the led associated to the button “login”.
When the agent logout the queue, i want turn on the led associated to the button “logout”.
I use SIP phones, in particular Siemens Optipoint 410 Economy S…is it possible?
Thanks in advance


I do exactly this with aastra 5Xi handsets, This is a handset thing and uses XML, but as mentioned devstate is an option in 1.4 i believe.


You can certainly define Asterisk hints for agent status, e.g.

but I don’t know about configuring the buttons on your Siemens phones to subscribe to this hint status - anyone else?