DevState on Asterisk 13

Hi Guys,

I’m here again bugging you guys. Using asterisk 13 now, and I can now use the device state.
I have setup my hints okay,

100@authenticated : Custom:100 State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 1
200@authenticated : Custom:200 State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 1

When I issue a command "devstate change Custom:100 INUSE, it’s changing and on the watcher it’s turning red. But on the phone where the extension is registered it’s not flashing the red led.

Is there a way I can do this? What do you suggest guys?


The extension that is registered would need to subscribe to itself to know that. Device state is not a part of registration, so it is not communicated back.

Hi jcolp,
That’s what I am thinking but when I tried to use this
exten => 100,hint,SIP/100&Custom:${EXTEN}
exten => 100,hint,SIP/100&Custom:100

still no read flashing on extension 100. But when I tried to call sip 100, hints is flashing so I believe my hint subscription is okay.
Is there something I am missing?


I don’t understand what you are trying to do with what you are showing. Please clarify exactly what you’ve done and what you expect.

Ahh, sorry about that,
What I am trying to do is make my extension BLF flash red (on my own extension) and send blf to the blf watcher using hints.

I can use devstate command to change the blf on the watcher side by using this command
exten => s,n,Set(DEVICE_STATE(Custom:${CALLERID(num)})=INUSE) it works okay for the watcher (those who have side panels), but the extension itself doesnt go red/blf on.

I think I am already there but there is something missing.

is that make sense?

Thanks jcolp.

Ah, like I said previously that device would have to subscribe in some manner to receive updates about it and make the led reflect that.

It flashes red when you call it because it’s designed to do that to show it is receiving a call.

Asteirsk itself can’t force a device to do things. It can only provide information when asked to do so.

I’m using CISCO SPA phones at the moment, do you think I could do something to those devices to make it subscribe to the device state in asterisk?

thanks for responding jcolp.

I have no experience with those so I don’t know.

Thanks Jcolp.

Another question, have you develop something that can be use like for afterhours notification that they are busy? Busy in a sense they can see it on the side panel. Maybe you have another angle that you may think will work?

What you see is what exists for doing custom device state in Asterisk and seeing that by way of SIP.

Anything else would be using what ever functionality the phone itself may provide.