Send custom hints

Hello all,

maybe I look and think in a totally wrong way…
But I want to accomplish this:

We have a couple of ACD Queue’s in our dailplan and now we want to subscribe some LEDs of the phone to these queues. So some phones (member or not of the queue) can see if the queue is empty (green), a couple of waiting calls (orange) of more then 10 waiting calls (red).

Is there a way to script and send custom hints…?
And where should I search for in asterisk documentations and websites?

We use the

  • latest Asterisk LTS build (
  • Cisco SPA508G Phones with the SPA500s extension.


Personally I would do this in the following manner
set up 3 extensions on softphones or other irrelvant “lines” that don’t get used
line 1000 represents your green status
line 2000 represents your orange status
line 3000 represents your red status
set up your phones to “buddy/watch” these three lines

create a program that uses AMI to watch the queue and do a local call to 1000/2000/3000 based on the criteria you described. Should take a good Perl’er/PHP’er 2-3 hours to code and test.

ThX sethsdad0627!

And I just found very interesting documentation:

(I’m still reading :wink: )