Hints for hints please!

I have looked into this but could not find an answer, I was wondering if it was possible to either toggle a hint flag or hint the true or false value of a variable.

The reason I ask is that I would like certain values to be toggled by a dss button with the led showing on or off status.
An example would be an old fashioned night service option where pressing the dss key would use the dial plan to toggle the value of a database field between 1 or 0 and the blf led would reflect the current status.

Is this possible or will it be possible in the future?


I take it thats a no then, I would have thought this would be basic functionality???

Hi Its a feature I would like as well ! In theory but iv not yet tried it you could turn the message lite on and off.


The message light is quite useful as a message light, :laughing:
Surely this is a facility that could be implemented, I am sure that many large scale installations would find it useful.
Simply toggling and option between true or false in the dialplan would achieve this if it was supported.
I would imagine that most if not all proprietary systems do this, i.e. light the key when the function is on and extinguish it when the function is off, why shouldn’t * do this?

this is a guess but may be better than nothing

i think there is a way to do this but it requires a patch. possibly one of the patches associated with call parking / metermaid… Also i think this might be included in 1.4…

again the above is off the top of my head and could very well be wrong

hope it helps tho

It really will be great if the functionality is available in the next version, I am waiting for it to be released fully before taking the plunge, I hate it when you upgrade and find that a function you rely on is broken!

Fingers crossed!
Thanks for the advise everyone.