Trying to make a wifi phone go out my phone line

I recently bought a new Droid cell phone and decided to embark on a project to use it in wifi hotspots as a wifi phone. The idea is that when I’m connected to a wifi connection out in town, I can connect back to my server at home with a SIP program, and then route the call out my normal phone line.

I would also like the reverse. When a call comes in, and the cell phone is in a wifi spot, to ring the cell phone.

Talking with the guys in IRC, I’ve come up with a network layout to accommodate this… Here is a visual representation

As of right now, this is exactly how the network is set up. The asterisk server is also my router and providing DHCP for my network as well.

Going deeper, I’m planning to use the 3102 as a gateway. The idea was for it convert the phone audio to VoiP and back again.

Sadly, I have underestimated the amount of software set up this takes. I went in thinking that the 3102 was a just a glorified modem with a sound card. When I got gateway, and the “quick set up” instructions were warning me that putting in the wrong phone cord could blow the gateway, I realized I bought a very complected piece of telephony equipment.

Taking a step back I decided to try and learn how to hook everything up using the “starfish book” but I’m getting lost right from the get-go. It assumes I have something called a “Zaptel” and when step 2 of setting up asterisk has you “load the Zaptel driver” I think something is up. Following the tutorials doesn’t help either. They go into dailplans and extenions with strange regex or something. They are telling me how to set up “x-lite” and such. I’m not interested in extensions or extra lines.

So now I’m completely confused. I guess I’m looking for help to set up the 3102 and the proper extentions.conf and sip.conf with the following configuration.

  1. When my home phone rings, and my cell phone’s SIP program is online (I’m in a wifi spot), pick up and forward the audio to the cell phone
  2. When I want to make a call on my cell phone with the SIP program, I want the 3102 to dial out with the number I gave it, and then route the audio to my cell phone.
  3. If the cell phone is not online, do nothing. I’ll either pick up the normal phone or let my answering machine get it. I don’t feel that adventurous to set up voice mail in asterisk after fighting with this thing for 4 days.

I tn the diagram, I have my “normal” phone in the 3102. When I did that up, I kind of assumed it was a pass-though, like a modem. I’ll probably just split of off my jack (I only have one jack in my apartment) and just use that like a plain old phone.

Anyways can I get a little help in the right direction. I’d date to think I wasted money on a switch and the 3102.

The layout of your home LAN does not matter as long as the WiFi phone can register to your Asterisk box. I have a WiFi phone that registers via SIP to my Asterisk box at home. When I’m within a WiFi hotspot I can dial and the Asterisk box will connect the call via my SIP provider or POTS line. When a call comes in to the Asterisk box, it will ring thought to my WiFi phone. It’s really pretty simple.

what you want to look up is using your 3102 as an FXO to asterisk… I have seen a guid on the internet… you can google for that… it does work mine is set up that way…

im assuming your DSL modem is bridged and the public IP resides on the WAN of your asterisk server PC… if thats the case just set the SIP server IP in the droid to be the public IP of your asterisk server… that should get the droid on the *…

one thing I will say about using a SIP APP on the droid is your battery will go dead very quickly…