Trunk SIP

Hello, can someone give me some explanation about how to use trunk sip in a call center using 6 or 8 phone SIP and the list of material necessary for using trunk sip

That really depends where you are starting from:

First install your favourite Asterisk implementation onto some appropriate hardware. If you don’t know Asterisk well then get something with a decent GUI like AsteriskNOW or PBXinaFlash!

Next setup your internal extensions and setup some SIP phones to logon to these extensions.

Next setup an account with a SIP service provider. Some providers limit the number of inbound calls so check that you have one that allows as many as you need.

Setup an inbound phone number with the provider.

Set a SIP trunk on the Asterisk system in accordance with the providers instructions.

Setup a queue for your inbound calls. Set the extensions of the phones above as static agents in the queue or allow agents to login/logout of the queue.

Set an inbound route so that the trunk calls and sent to the required queue.

That’s is bar the detail!