Sip trunk

Dear all,

I am new to Asterisk, but i have configure the asterisk pbx it’s up and running with internal sip but i want to know how connect outside via sip trunk. can you plz help me. if you have any ex: file plz upload it will very helpful for me

Thank you

Many SIP service provider have dirrent Sip trnking config.some one authenticate use with Regsiter parameters then u need to set it in ur sip.conf
so i suggest if possible plz go on & search with sip .conf or sip config.
u get actual parameters asmong which u slect what you need as per your service provider & config it in sip.conf

manu config in sip.conf for sip trunking is

all needful parameters like codec

[sofswtich- peer]
where ur service provider ip or hostname is need mention

all the ur Asterisk user means ur extension like 7001

this way u can config so search it & try it
sis u selct ur sip provider?
if now contact at Novanet- 1800NOVANET OR 1 646 810 7000 for the same



Thanks for help. but i want to know one thing. sip trunk configuration part i want to do in web portal or asterisk command line like sip.conf. plz help


Its depends on you how u can do that. My choice is using Consile of Asterisk we can do from Portal i dont know. so my suggestion do from Asterisk commandline means from sip.conf


Hi amit

Thanks for your all reply. I appreciate it. i will try to do command line (sip.conf) if you have any sample sip.conf file plz upload to me. thanks again.