Sip Trunk Configuration

Hey there…

I got a plain asterisk installation on CentOS 5.0 (that means no trixbox, no freepbx, no fop, no asteriskNow). I configured a dial-plan and some sip extensions. I’ve proben succesfully my dial-plan through a x-lite softphone.

The issue comes around when i want to integrate my dial-plan with a sip trunk. What do i need to know before start (ip addresses, phone numbers, etc) ???. Which files do i have to edit (and how do i have to edit them) in order to recieve calls through the trunk and receive them in my dial-plan???.

I’ll appreciate any help!! :exclamation:


A SIP trunk with What ??

this is my sip.conf

host= —> Ip from my PBX Mitel

You must to define a call rule for take this trunk… --> [Mitel]

Well… i gotta receive calls from a Huawei SoftSwitch

I saw your sip.conf… that’s it ??.. i mean, nothing else ?.. quite simple, isn’t it??

mmmmm si…

but, you have to set a dialplan that send the calls for this trunk…


If you wanna take the trunk with 2:

exten => _2xxxx,1,Dial(SIP/“your trunk (Mitel in this case)”/${EXTEN})

But remember, in this case your extensions from the otherside should begin with 2…

Ok… i’m gonna check it out


I’ll be here soon to tell you if it worked…

if it is a sip provider you will need a register statement in sip.conf as well