Trunk between panasonic kx-tda100 and asterisk

Dear Concern,

I am having issue creating SIP trunk between Panasonic kx-tda100 and an asterisk server, as far as i am concerned that i need an FXO card on my asterisk to hook up with my Pana (which have the PSTN lines). Right now i have 2 FXS ports but no FXO and i also cant have two FXO on asterisk, i just want a scenario where i can make a VOIP trunk for my SIP traffic to flow from my Astrisk to the Pana and from Pana to PSTN. PANA is up and running with PSTN traffic into the office now i want to hook my Astrisk as a SIP trunk with the PANA. Any suggestions? should i make a users on both side and make SIP trunk.

PS: i am new to all this so sorry if i sound little drifted.

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