Connect TDA100 to Asterisk


I actually have a Panasonic TDA100 pbx that include 55 SIP, I need more extensions, for that I think the best solution is to connect it to an Asterisk…

could help me with that please? I need to know what do I need to connect the 2 pbx? And if it really works?


You haven’t included much information at all in this post.

I can’t possibly comment on a panasonic PBX, however, but what you need to do is configure it to send a call, or lots of calls, to a SIP trunk, and that SIP trunk will be your asterisk PBX, the asterisk PBX will then need to be configured to handle those calls how you’d like them to be handled (ringing extensions or queues etc).

Or, you can do it the other way around, and put Asterisk 1st (Asterisk recieves the SIP call), then send the SIP trunk to the panasonic if you want to.