PBX Panasonic - Asterisk connection


We are facing the following problem . We have an Panasonic Kx-TDA 600 which is connected to several Voice providers. I want to add an Asterisk server and make the following connection:

Voice Provider -----KX-TDA 600----Asterisk–200 users.

Asterisk will serve about 200 users , which must have a internal extension but also an unique public phone number routed to KX-TDA.

So for eg: user 1 on asterisk will have extension 123 and extension +001 254314etc . When a call is made from user 1 to the world it should go from asterisk to KX-TDA and forwarded to one of the Panasonic Voice Provider. When a call is made from outside to user on the KX-TDA 600 will fw the call to asterisk and finally asterisk to final user.

Is it possible to have this type of configuration , if yes , what cards i will need on asterisk ?

Many thanks in advance.

It should be possible but do you know what sort of connectivity your Panasonic has. Does it have ISDN-PRI that the Asterisk box could plug into? Or does it support H.323 in which can you could do the connection using IP?

Extensions cards:

TDA0170 DHLC8 8 Ports hibride
TDA0171 DLC8 8 Ports digitale
TDA0172 DLC16 16 Ports digitale
TDA0173 SLC8 8 Ports SLT
TDA0168 EXT-CID 8 Ports CallerID
TDA6174 ESLC16 16 Ports SLT
TDA0143 CSIF4 4 Ports CS
TDA0144 CSIF8 8 Ports CS
TDA0470 TDA0470 16 Ports IP phone

Trunks cards:

TDA0182 DID8 8 Ports DID
TDA0184 E&M8 8 Ports E&M Card
TDA0187 T1 1 trunk T1
TDA0188 E1 1 trunk E1
TDA0284 BRI4 4 Ports ISDN BRI
TDA0288 BRI8 8 Ports ISDN BRI
TDA0290 PRI30 1 trunk ISDN PRI
TDA0480 IP-GW4 4 trunk IP-Gateway
TDA0484 IP-GW4 4 trunks IP-Gateway
TDA0490 IP-GW16 16 trunks IP-Gateway

So i thinks i do :smile:.

Please advice


I think i could use this card :

16-ch VoIP Gateway
• Requires One Free Slot
• 100 Base-T Interface
• G729A / G723.1 / G711
• H.323 V2, QSIG Tunneling

Can someone tel me if i need 200 channels ? And also , some hints regarding the asterisk conf for this solution.