Trunk between an Elastix server and a Panasonic central

Hi to all , I have a Panasonic Central, model: kx-tes824 ,it has an urban line card and some extensions are defined on them. I run an Elastix server that on this server exists one OPENVOX card and two FXO modules.
I wana trunk between my elastix server and Panasonic central, but I don’t know how can I do this and even don’t know start from where???
Please help and guide me to do that, really really thank all of you

“wana” isn’t an English word; what does it mean? (Being a native speaker I can make a guess, which is probably right.)

What are the characteristics of an “urban line card”? Is is fairly unlikely that anyone is familiar with that system.

You start by reading the book at If that still leaves you needing step by step instructions, you ask on the jobs forum, for paid support. If it leaves you with specific detailed questions, and you are prepared to modify configuration files directly, you should ask the specific questions on the Asterisk Support forum. If you want to retain a clean Elastix environment, you need to find an Elastix support forum. Asterisk General is not an appropriate forum for support questions.

You could also try asking for support from Openvox ( I believe Digium would provide some support for their cards.

dear david , acctually i can’t find my answer from asterisk book , if possible please guide me step by step, really need your kind help. help me plz if you can

Generally, if you need step by step instructions and these don’t already exist on the web, you need to pay for them. Providing step by step solutions is very time consuming and includes gaining a detailed understanding of your environment. There is a Jobs forum for making such requests.

I have no experience of the Panasonic device you reference, and I would think the chances of any regular here knowing anything about it is less than 10%. I also have no experience of Elastix, although I suspect that there is a better chance that someone here knows about that.

If you were using a Digium card, the advice would be to contact Digium’s commercial support department. I suspect they have a file of information on how to connect their hardware to competing systems. Maybe Openvox offer a similar service?

A quick skim of the installation manual reveals no mention of “urban line cards”, and suggests that it is designed for simple, leaf node systems, which have no tie lines. You could, presumably, wire Asterisk as a “single line telephone”, using your Openvox card, to one of the extension ports on the Panasonic. Any routing digits would have to be transmitted in-band (i.e. you would need an “IVR” to provide an automated attendant on Asterisk. You could also connect a CO port to an FXS interface on Asterisk, but I doubt that the KX has DID support, so you would presumably need operator assistance or the automated attendant, on the KX.

The only possible problem areas would be getting caller-ID working. You should still be able to get Asterisk working as an extension, the same way as you would with an exchange line.

David’s right (as usual)… step-by-step? only somebody familiar with your unique environment can do that… however…

I would check to see if the 824’s ‘urban-line’ configuration has immediate answer & DTMF DID signalling… If you can set that up, grab 2 COT ports off of the Panasonic, and put them to FXS ports on your asterisk box, and set up in-band signalling between them. A little perseverence and a lot of test calls later you should achieve a fairly tight bi-directional integration.

Best of luck…

The installation manual suggests that it is a small business system for people who don’t want to understand about PABXes, and has no DID support, only an automated attendant.