Trixbox 1.2.3, VMWare and Windows

Hi -

I have recently set up Trixbox 1.2.3 running under VMWare on a small Windows/Small Business Server environment.

I am drawing a blank and wondering how to access my Trixbox main web configuration page from outside my network.

Before I installed the SBS 2003 software, I was running Trixbox on a standalone PC. I was able to access the configuration from outside by using (I had set up a subdomain on my internet domain to point to Trixbox). Since Trixbox was the only web service I was using, when I typed in the above web address, it would automatically resolve to the Trixbox configuration.

Now that I have SBS 2003 installed, I can no long access the Trixbox configuration page. When I try to navigate to the above website, I get my SBS 2003 main page.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas how I can make this work???

I am using one DSL connection - connected directly to the SBS 2003 computer.

i think you need to configure vmware to forward the appropriate ports (80 for web browsing) to the right vmware session…

Well first step is uplug the system from the dsl and put in a router with firewall

Second thing is VMWare / Asterisk on windows not good.
and it would not be a production box (well for home use maybe)

OK when you setup the vmware machine you should have choose the bridged networking right? So that means you hard code a IP or you have a DHCP server on the LAN to give it the IP address.

So when you have a router in place (the DSL will need to bridge mode as well) you can then forward the ports to your VERY INSECURE SOON TO BE HACKED TB which is NOT designed for being on the INET, it is so full of holes it is like someone unloaded a shot gun at it.

Putting windows or linux on the net without a firewall is just not good…
If this was the 80’s you would have one heck of a phone bill.

You are probably getting the SBS page when browsing to the server because you have IIS running. If you do not need IIS running them stop it. I assume that you are runnign VMware with the network adapter in NATing mode. A better way to run it in this configuration would be to run in bridging mode and give the Asterisk virtual server its own IP address rather than sharing with the host machine.