Remote Extension Calling through Trixbox

Hi, all.

Everything is working locally for my Trixbox 1.1.1. But when I’m remote from my Trixbox (at another network) and try to make a call through my Trixbox back at the office I can’t hear anything after the ringing. I register just fine and my X-Lite 3.0 dials the number and I hear the ringing. But when the other party answers I can’t hear anything after that.

I might not be giving enough information, but I’m not sure what else to provide. Thanks for any help.

post your sip.conf and what firewall rules/port forwards you have setup for SIP.

SIP is not firewall friendly you must forward the ports below (well you can change them) but stock installs work best … tweak later

Many time you will need to configure the firewall on both ends to get SIP to work…
Turn off SPI in your routers if they have them… I do not do SIP form the outside (for reason I hate using software which makes me DUMD down my network)

see the UDP NOT TCP the biggest gotta is folks made the rules and choose tcp not udp

SIP 5004-5082
RTP 10001-20000

IAX is much better than SIP (less bandwidth, easy to setup and only needs the one port forward)
IAX 4569