Voicemail to Email / Webmin

I have set up Trixbox on a PC I had sitting around and have it set up except for the voicemail to email. It will not send. I was told I need Webmin to manage the settings to get it working. I have Webmin installed but can’t access it. I type in the address it gave me (asterisk1.local:10000) after installation into a browser on another pc on the network, but the page cannot be displayed. Do I have to use a browser on the Asterisk machine? Any help would be appreciated as I am brand new to Linux and Asterisk.

You need to use the IP number for your asterisk server or add asterisk1.local to your hosts file.

I did try using the IP address of the machine and I think that Asterisk1 is already in the hosts file. Do I need to access Webmin from the Asterisk machine or can I use another computer on the network?

I learned that my sendmail may not have been installed, so I installed that and set it up with a dynamic DNS and smtp server. I saw it go through my router once, but I still do not receive the email.

Can anyone tell me either how to read the email messages that are on the local machine (so I can see the error messages of what is actually going wrong) or tell me how I can access Webmin from another machine on the LAN? If it is not possible to access Webmin from another machine, can someone tell me how to install and use a browser on the Asterisk machine?


login using root / your root password