Newbie needs some basic help


I am attempting to set up Asterisk in order to evaluate the system to see if it is going to suit my future telephony needs.

I am a telephony (IP and TDM) / windows man, and this is my first attempt at doing anything with linux.

I have created a virtual machine in VMware on my windows server, and have loaded Asterisk Now onto said machine. (I also installed ubuntu linux on another VM to get the hang of linux installs and that works a treat).

However, Asterisk now installed fine, but I cant seem to get the LAN working. I am unable to ping any other machine on the network.

I have set up the Virtual Machine exactly the same as on the ubuntu VM. (The ubuntu networking works fine).

I have logged in as root and then I ran system-config-network and set the IP address to a suitable static IP, etc. and this all looks fine, but I still can’t ping out or in. I have run ifconfig and confirmed the ip add, subnet, etc are all set as they should be and they look ok, but I still cant ping in or out. I can ping myself, but no one else, not even the server that VM ware is hosted on.

Any help would be appreciated.



Check in the vmware configuration your vm-networkcard is in bridged mode. The NAT not work for your porpouse.

If your vm-networkcard its configured on bridge mode maybe you have a firewall in the VM, so in root mode insert:

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

Then try to ping, again.