Trigger a lookup in my CRM from an incoming call to the correct desk

I’m starting down the path of building an program that will let an incoming call trigger a series of events based on the extension that is being called, the phone number on caller ID, and the user’s active desktop. I’m working with EZ-Data CRM and I am wanting to get an idea of which process is best or if I’m missing something. What I envision from what I know about the system, I need to have the asterisk system send the caller ID and extension information to something, possibly a middleware on a server. That server takes the given information and does an API call to the CRM and pulls back the chosen information, name, last contact, account info, etc. Then the user has a program or webpage open that is specific to their extension that they can see the information for the incoming call. Am I missing anything or does anyone have an alternative? I know that dashboards exist, but I’m not certain how one would go about building one to interface with my CRM. I’m open to any suggestions.

You might use the mizu webphone for this as it has parameters for this, so you can specify an API to be called at incoming calls and will display the result.

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