Transfering calls with *

My company has a demo Asterisk system that I am incharge of evaluating, I am a communications tech so all my background is with traditional PBX’s and key system’s. So I am very new at this product and have a couple of questions.

Is transfering a call from extension to extension a asterisk feature or IP phone feature? What I need to be able to do is transfer calls by announcing the call and by doing it blind.

I also want to forward calls under certain conditions,i.e. busy to another extension and ring no answer to voicemail, can this be done?

Thanks in advance for any input


I would say a little bit of both. Asterisk supports transfering, but you need the phone to let you actually transfer it. Most of the softphones and hardware phones will let you do this. Could you clarify what you mean by “announcing the call and by doing it blind”, my first experience of PBX is with Asterisk, so some of the lingo goes over my head:).

This sort of thing is all done via the dial plan (extensions.conf). All very basic functionality here for asterisk. Have a good read of the info over at