Call transfer

hello all

am new to asterisk i configure the asterisk box it’s up and running but i have a problem with call transferring. attend transferring is working but i want to take call from my extension also call transfer from my extension how to do this please help me

thank in advance

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for this you need to check asterisk features.conf
in thi file u can see feature digits for thsi 2 features "blaind transfer& attended transfer"
whenever any call recive at ur extension & you want to treansfer it blindly u dail specific feature digits like *98 after that u can haer transfer prompt then dial desire extension wher u want to transfer that call.
same for attended tranbsfer but its in attended transfer manner with diffrent features code say like *99
also plz note if your using ip phones or ATA’s u need to set dial plan such way so u can use this that may be also one thing ur missing check that also. no other config in think require.