Call Forwarding

I have one PSTN line and I connect that line to asterisk
and I have 3 SIP extn and one analog extn with grandstrem Ata 286.
I use the xlite3.0 as Sip client.

Now the case is:
when I make a outgoing call from SIP exten 1 and the call is established between SIP Extn 1 and the other Outgoing dialed number. and if I want to transfer the same outgoing call to SIP extn 2 how I do it.

Please Help.


2/3 things …

make sure features.conf has a settings for blindxfer and atxfer (blind and attended, these default to ‘#’ and blank respectively)

make sure that DTMF is being “seen” by Asterisk correctly by the endpoints if using the feature code above, this wouldn’t be required of the phone has a Transfer button. you might need to create a test extension that uses Read() and SayDigits() to establish whether Asterisk can interpret the DTMF your device is sending.

when you Dial(), use the ‘T’ option to permit transfers by the calling party.


thanks for help
I able to transfer the incoming PSTN call to from one extn to other extn.
but not able to forward the outgoing call from one extn to other.


did you read this ? does your dialstring contain this ?