Hello guys,
when a sip extension transfer a call to my extension, I see the caller id number in my softphone display, but I need to see the extension number that pass me the call… It’s possible? What can I do?

Thank for help me!


There is no such thing as a SIP extension in Asterisk. I assume you mean a SIP phone.

Is this using SIP transfers or features.conf transfers?

Is this a blind transfer or an attended transfer.

If you use SIP transfers, always use attended transfers (some phones do blind as attended), and disable sendrpid, you should get the transferor’s number and it should not change after the call connects.

Thanks for the reply David,
Yes I mean SIP phone. I use features.conf transfers with command ## (In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer)


Like David suggested - use sendrpid=no in sip.conf. And you should get the behaviour you need.