Showing callerid on phone screen after transferring calls


I’m not entirely sure that this is an asterisk question but here goes.

We have an asterisk based voip server with yealink handsets. We’ve found that when we transfer calls, the screen continues to show the extension number of the person who transferred the call rather than the caller id.

So, number 0123456789 calls the main number and is picked up by ext 100. Ext 100 then transfers the call to ext 200. When Ext 100 hangs up to transfer the call Ext 200 still sees “Ext 100” on their display, and not 0123456789 which we want (would expect).

Anyone know if there is a change in asterisk to do this? It might be the phones but we have Yealinks at other sites with Asterisk and this is working as we would expect and I can’t recall doing anything to make this happen.


There are two different ways of doing attended transfers and three different ways of doing blind transfers on SIP phones, with Asterisk. Are you using features or SIP transfers and, if SIP, are your blind transfers blind transfers or automated attended ones?

From Asterisk 1.8. using the COLP (connected line presentation) features may help.

Check the sendrpid setting in sip.conf. It should be:


Actually, it should be sendrpid=yes, unless the peer doesn’t understand Remote-Party-ID headers, or there is some other reason to not use RPID, put it does support P-Asserted-Identity.

This is one of the conditions for COLP to work. It may even be sufficient for at least some variations of SIP transfers. However to fully use it, you need to set trustrpid as well and you need to set some macros that handle forwarding of in call changes.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve checked the settings and sendrpid is set to No. We see this at two sites. One does show the number on the transferred calls, the other doesnt.