Call transfer with Caller ID


I am running Asterisk 1.4.24.

Example :


When an incoming SIP call was answerd by an local extention, the caller ID of the incoming call is show. Next…

  1. extention200 ----call----extention201
    call answered by 201
    200 transfer SIP call to 201

When extension200 transfer this call with “Attended transfer” code to extension201, the extension201 do not see anymore the original caller ID of the SIP incoming call.
It was replaced by the transfer extension: 200.

Now my question :
Is there a way to show the original caller ID of the incoming SIP call at destination extension, while transferring the call to another local extension with “Attended transfer”?
Or even better, show both infos : SIP caller ID + transfer extension.


With “blind transfer” its working : the original SIP caller ID is transfered to the local extension201.

BTW, most traditional PBX can do that.
When extension200 call 201, extension201 answered and will see “200” as caller ID.
When extension200 transfered the SIP call, 201 change the shown local caller ID by the external SIP Caller ID in his display.

Thanks for your help in advance

You would need to do a blind transfer.