Transfer calls via command line

Hello, I am working on an inhouse software for my company to manage calls, queues and agents on Asterisk. In general, I am replicating a lot of the functionality in the “iSymphony” console(s)

I have designed 90% of the features we needed and we are using SSH and command line to do everything so far. The only feature we need left is to be able to transfer calls.

We want to be able to transfer using command line, something like “Transfer [channel] to [ext|queue]”

Anyone have any insight? If someone is interested in helping via Zoom/other, we would be open to paid support for some of your time.

Interfacing using SSH/Command Line
Version: Current Asterisk Version: 13.38.1
We use FreePBX management

FreePBX is the PABX application on top of Asterisk;, it is not just a manager for the Asterisk configuration but provides a lot of canned dialplan.

The way you would do a transfer from the cli is with channel redirect, see

However, one wouldn’t normally use the CLI for third party control, one would normally use AMI.

I can’t guarantee that either method wouldn’t break FreePBX.

The way you would do a transfer from the cli is with channel redirect

I believe this is what I need. I haven’t done anything with AMI, so I might do some googling there. So far the CLI program is working well without any negative (seen) side effects… at this point it is just getting “show queue [queue]” and add queue members, pause queue members, etc.

I appreciate your helps, Thanks!

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