Call Transfer

Please post that how i can transfer call between extensions using freePBX, I know the option of blind transfer using # but this is not userful if extension is busy or if i want to re transfer call to somewhere else, or i just want to take permision from caller that he wants to take call or not.

Please help.


PLz ask this in FreePBX forum.
Most people here don’t use FreePBX to configure asterisk.
But if you need help in configuring asterisk yourself you can refer to the wiki links in the sticker.
If you face any problems folowing the instructions in wiki then you can post here but don’t ask freePBX or Trixbox questions here.

can i just add that while we shouldn’t ignore or turn away TrixBox or FreePBX users, it is common sense to ask questions specific to those platforms on the appropriate forums. if it’s a bug then the community and developers of the application should be the first to know, they aren’t likely to monitor these forums in the same way they do their own. same goes for functionality issues.

the sticky at the top of the forum is largely ignored for some reason, which is daft as it contains links to some highly useful pages.

i’ve not looked at AMP/FreePBX for some time now, but i don’t recall ever having to look hard for the answers to questions like “how do i transfer ?”